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Medieval meal in Grand-Fougeray




For the Medieval festival of Grand-Fougeray which will take place on 27 and 28 August, the Moulin de Chère offers as the last time a real festive medieval meal in the mill decorated for the occasion, on 26 August in the evening.

Blazon-Grand-FougerayListen to me,you, Brittany people and elsewhere,
Welcome to our home, The Moulin de Chère!
The meal will be good and the wine will quench.
I say it to you without lying: You will eat with pleasure!
Worthy ladies and sirs
While being « bon vivants »!

Our best reference and guarantee of quality is the first prize got dessert in 2013 at the « Festival Gourmand » in Rennes, then in 2014 and 2015 on other competitions as an amateur or restorers.

Medieval meals
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[title type= »h3″ class= » »]between Rennes and nantes, medieval de Grand-Fougeray 2016[/title]
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First service:

Drink white wine with honey and Sage together with bites of gingerbread scented butter;

Second service:

Soup cream of peas;

Third service:

Egg roast to pin and camelina sauce;

Fourth service:

Eel pie and his Mesclun mix sauce with honey;

Fifth service:

Rabbit in syrup served with a puree of beans and acidic apples delectable;

Sixth service:

Desserts including a cream roses, sprinkled Donuts of Emperor of versuse;

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[title type= »h3″ class= » »]between Rennes and nantes, medieval de Grand-Fougeray 2016[/title]
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Medieval cuisine
This menu is subject to change depending on the quality of fresh produce at the last moment. If you want to book it for a date other than 26 August 2016, please feel free to share.

This meal is included in the bed and breakfasts professionnal activity of the Moulin de Chère and not with the activity of the association « Committee medieval feast of Grand-Fougeray ». This is why we propose the evening of this event so that our customers benefit from all activities and restores proposed on the site of the medieval festivals at the level of the Tower Duguesclin.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on this subject. We have pleasure to inform you the details.

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€45 drinks not included

The meals for our special evenings or event meals rates are €45 per person and €25 per child-aged 12.
The menus are presented on the web page dedicated to the event and do vary on specific request where if rupture of a raw material.
They are also posted on our Facebook page
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