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grammy Alice's far breton


2/3 lb flour
1 litre full-cream milk
1/4 lb sugar
1 oz of syrup of elderflower that I cook myself (range of syrups of the Moulin de Chère)
1 good pinch of baking soda
4 eggs
of prunes (you can also put qq grapes)
and a bit of rum for those who like (to dip them before putting them in the dish)


1 • Mix flour, baking soda, sugar, and eggs with care

2 • Beat with milk (an electric mixer if necessary to remove any lumps and let good stand)

3 • Put the prunes in the bottom of the prepared dish (greased and floured).

4 • Preheat the oven rotating at 250° F heat (if it heats well, 280° F otherwise) and place the preparation 1/4 minimum time at that temperature. Warning: forbidden to open the oven before the last hour of cooking 1/4! to not deflate the far… So be not curious to try to open it!

5 • Do little about 45 minutes at 350° F (or 400° F according to the usual reaction of your oven)… If you have fear of missing this step, you can skip the passage 250° F thicken the sauce to the Pan and whisk as a custard and then put in the dish with prunes and finish cooking in the oven.

This allows to have a generous, airy and well far thicker: a treat!