[title type= »h2″ class= » »]A PARK OF 4 HECTARES ALONG A RIVER[/title]

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Nature, wildlife, water are the best description of this magnificent site.
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[title type= »h2″ class= » »]THE CALM AND THE NATURE FOR REST[/title]

[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]he main advantage of the Moulin de Chère, particularly in the spring, it is this musical and Visual game between the foliage, lights, reflections in water and the soft rustle of the water and leaves. Here, some trees are same centenarians and contain in their hollow of the varieties of animals of which some are protected. It requires patience and silence to surprise them with the objective.

[quote_right author= » » profession= » »]A river for fishing enthusiasts![/quote_right]

2016 sees the implementation of our project "fishing cabin". By the end of the year, we will have rehabilitated our cabin which will have a padlock and space to store your gear and your alive. Table and chairs to rest will also be available against the local. In the meantime, our garage welcomes our customers equipment.

Our products are mainly fresh, from local traders and producers, or our garden we grow eco-gardening to three families. This allows us to multiply the varieties and the know-how of each.

fungus coulemelleFor market and nature enthusiasts, we have available hiking trails managed by the Office of tourism of the Pays de Redon to which we belong.

In the fall, many mushrooms grow in our countryside which we cook for our dinner with you.

Winter brings the incomparable beauty of if major flooding for harvest the following summer. All seasons, our 4-acre park offers a magical and different face which we never tire.

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Think about your card's fisherman!

site for fishermenOur park is private, but the legislation in force requests that any sinner is possession of a valid fishing card the day, week or year.
If you want to get a the time of your stay with us, it is possible to buy the Bar-tobacco "at the time modern" Grand-Fougeray, near the Church or on this link.

To contact the National Federation of fisheries 35, here is the link.