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<span>Jennie </span>& Jeffy

Jennie & Jeffy



Once upon a time, a couple with 2 children born of their union, who lived in the Paris area and which decidere one fine day… to return to their origin.

This is the version "official" but much more complex than that, even if the purpose remains the same.



Jennie is Parisian but Nantes's heart, even if his ancestors are from different regions or countries (Normandy, Burgundy, Spain). His career is the graphics (school SEPIA in Nantes) with more than 10 years of experience including more than 3 years now as an independent having created his own company (

Jeffy is Briochin (a native of the town of Saint Brieuc – 22), living for a long time in the Paris region. His career focuses on human resources activity (pay, Communication, recruitment, training, Relations Sociales, etc.) in different companies in different sectors (industry, food processing, real estate) and this, more than 30-year career.

Our past (individual or common) is that we have experienced different phases, enamelled idyllic moments as well as "negative" passages. Short the life of everyone.

Different events have led us to revise the vision that we could have our future and naturally we discussed a possible return to our "own sources and roots": Brittany was necessary.

Yes, but what as a dwelling. The "new" side we not attracted while the former we liked. Jennie wanted the sea, Jeffy plus ground. We know more whence the idea of "mill", but the water and the Earth alliance we liked well.

From this idea, the "internet" research became intense and searching of mill is specified, even if the side "longère" was not discarded but with a pond (not a mare) or water (April 2010). It must be said that in our Parisian home, we succeeded (despite the smallness of the ground) to install a pool with a couple of ducks, a chicken coop and the basement hosted singers Canaries and partridges. We already had the soul of our past memories.

In June 2010, Jennie made a trip to see 3 mills in the centre of Brittany, took photos, made videos. In September, Neema him also went to see mills in the North of Britain and spent see the mill that Jennie had retained its attention.

The Parisian House was put up for sale in September 2010. As for Christmas, we went to La Baule, we proceed to see the mill retained in mid-winter with floods, cold, dullness. Short worst of Brittany, nevertheless, Jennie continued to "fall" on its charm.

Here is the history, the suite is paperwork.

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